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Photo of program participant packaging cablesGoodwill’s Packaging & Assembly services keep a lid on expense and hold lives together.

Achieving Production Goals. Leading Productive Lives.

There’s some very smart business and social reasons why Orange County’s best-known companies come to Goodwill of Orange County for their packaging and assembly services.

  • Service:We’re committed to partnering with our customers for the best results
  • Quality:We consistently meet exceptionally high standards, so you can count on high-quality work, guaranteed
  • Flexibility:We tailor our services to meet your needs, including special projects, rush orders, seasonal peaks and re-work projects
  • Delivery:We complete projects faster with quick turn-around times
  • Pricing:We offer competitive, cost-effective pricing that will reduce your operating costs
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Beyond the service benefits there’s a human factor at work here as well. At Goodwill we’re a business with a charitable mission — to help people with disabilities and other barriers achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence. To every job we bring:

  • An Eager Workforce:Our large, experienced workforce brings unmatched enthusiasm and commitment to their jobs – a commitment that’s evident in the final product
  • Focused Training:We identify people who excel at the type of exacting work required in packaging and light assembly, then train them in best practices
  • Strong Motivation:Our team of motivated workers earn much more than paychecks – they earn a sense of independence and pride

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Goodwill’s Packaging & Assembly Services consistently meet exceptionally high standards, deliver on time, and offer cost-effective pricing.

Jason Kensey, Vroom Foods

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