Community-Based Services

Program Details

Goodwill’s Community-Based program is designed for people with developmental disabilities in the community, as an alternative to traditional workshops and sheltered environments. Individuals enrolling in this program spend the entire day in their own communities working, volunteering and interacting with other people with and without disabilities. Goodwill provides a staff member responsible for transportation, advocacy and creating opportunities, five days per week. An activity schedule is also written each week by the actual participants reflecting their choices and preferences.

Initially, Goodwill’s Successful Community Opportunities Program (SCOP) opened its doors with six employment training specialists and 24 participants. In 1993, Project SCOP was paired with Multi-Cultural Options (MCO), a new program that also used an integration model. Today, these Community-Based programs serve over 425 program participants with 150 staff members at 50 worksites. It is now one of Orange County’s largest and highly regarded programs for people with developmental disabilities.