Employment, Training & Education

Our Programs

Our employment, training and education programs focus on each individual's needs and abilities, with the goal of helping them achieve success in landing a new job.

Assessing Needs

External Situational Assessment

Goodwill Employment Training Specialists (ETS) visit each job site to evaluate the worker's skills, work-related behaviors, and productivity.

Job Exploration

Goodwill helps participants choose their most sensible occupations by assessing the worker's interests and abilities. Using computers, newspapers and other employment resources, job candidates learn to identify all the career opportunities available.

Bilingual Services

For our deaf or hard-of-hearing participants, we provide full accessibility via the communication methods most comfortable to them. American Sign Language, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, and Tagalog are our specialty.

Preparing For Work And Independence

Job-Seeking Skills Training

We instruct our program participants in the essentials of seeking a job: how to create a resume. Search for a job. Complete a job application. Interviewing. Job retention skills.

Once enrolled, they’ll team up with a Goodwill Job Developer who specializes in this population, a classroom instructor, job coaches and interpreters to attain their "dream" job.

Mobility Training

Goodwill's Employment Training Specialists provide our participants with personalized instruction on how to ride public transportation.

Personal Development and Grooming

Participants work together with instructors and peers to develop grooming and interpersonal skills.

Personal Social Adjustment

We help develop critical, on-the-job interpersonal skills for our adults to interact with co-workers and supervisors.

Vocational English

Prospective workers learn to master the job lingo that will help them in their employment.

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