Tierney Center for Veteran Services

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Veteran Legal Services

Goodwill’s Tierney Center for Veteran Services offers legal services to help veterans and their families address a range of legal issues, including divorce, child support, guardianship and eviction.

These legal services are provided through partnerships with community legal aid organizations and local attorneys. Our goal is to help you and your family resolve any legal situations interfering with your transition back to civilian life.

The Goodwill Tierney Center provides a trusted environment that is critical in addressing these sometimes painful and emotional problems.

We also encourage referrals to the Combat Veterans Court in the County of Orange for any drug or mental health issues. The Combat Veterans Court allows veteran defendants to enter into an agreement whereby prosecution of a crime is deferred and incarceration avoided, subject to compliance with a set of coordinated conditions aimed at treatment and prevention. The Orange County Combat Veterans Court is the first program of its kind in California and gives first-time offenders a second chance when disorders from their combat experience cause psychological problems. If needed, we can help you navigate through the Combat Veterans Court.

If you are a veteran or family member, call us for assistance today 855-99-VETERAN (1-855-99-8383726) or

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