Vocational Training

Photo of program participant at his computer work stationGoodwill’s vocational services include assessment, remedial education, job training, job coaching, career placement, and supported employment for individuals.

Gaining Skills. Building Confidence.

It’s our belief that everyone has something to contribute to the community. For people with disabilities, sometimes their skills and abilities to contribute aren’t apparent. Their talents need to be nurtured, brought forward, and then focused on the right opportunity. By changing their lives, they gain greater independence and a broader range of life choices.

At Goodwill of Orange County, our mission is to provide vocational opportunities to people with barriers to employment. Our trainers work with people with disabilities to reveal their skills, fine tune them, so they can apply their newfound skills in the real world job market.

An assigned staff member guides each participant’s progress by:

  • Identifying the person’s skills, abilities and interests
  • Helping job candidates select opportunities that match their dream job
  • Providing guidance during training
  • Developing social skills, being responsible, and promoting a good work ethic
  • Emphasizing the importance of safety, quality control, and productivity
  • Continual oversight of their work, progress and job satisfaction

David's Story

Challenged with disabilities that affected his speech and strength, David worked with a Goodwill Employment Training Specialist and quickly found employment with Marshall’s. Today, David enjoys being an integral part of the Marshall’s team and is always quick with a smile.

The Joy of Getting a Job

We provide education and job training services that can open the doors to a full range of life’s experiences, including competitive employment.

Our participants learn specific vocational skills and work behaviors in preparation for employment in the community. They also receive assistance in finding a job that suits their abilities. They each earn a paycheck and something even more valuable — a sense of pride and greater self-worth.

Vocational training can translate into job opportunities in many areas, including:

  • Clerical Skills
  • Computer Processing
  • Custodial Service
  • Document Destruction
  • E-waste Collection & Recycling
  • Packaging & Assembly
  • Retail Processing
  • Retail Sales
Read more about Vocational Training types of employment.

Growing With Every Interaction

Goodwill’s job training, contract work and employment services are created to meet the needs of community employers. While each program is individualized, all participants can grow and benefit from:

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