Vocational Training

Types of Employment

Computer Processing
Workers use their computer knowledge to test and upgrade hardware, as well as troubleshoot computer problems.

Custodial Services
Workers clean restrooms, offices, and parking lots. Equipment used includes wet/dry vacuum cleaners, window-cleaning tools, blowers, and floor buffers.

Workers learn to use a wide range of carpentry, electrical, and plumbing tools to perform repairs and building maintenance.

Packaging and Assembly
Workers assemble a wide range of products and gain experience using equipment such as shrink-wrap machines, scales, and heat sealers.

Retail Sales
Workers perform various retail tasks, such as sorting, pricing, stocking merchandise, customer service, and using a cash register. They also keep the store looking professional and presentable, making sure the merchandise clean and organized.

Retail Processing
Workers sort, inspect, hang, and price merchandise in preparation for shipment to retail outlets.

Office Skills
Workers learn clerical skills, such as filing, deliveries and taking inventory.

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