Workforce Solutions

How You Benefit

A job well done is just one of many benefits of using Goodwill workers. Take a look at all the reasons you should consider hiring Goodwill-trained workers:

Competitive Rates
Goodwill is able to provide quality workers at competitive rates.

No Placement Fees
Unlike other agencies, Goodwill never charges placement fees.

100% Reliability
With our large pool of workers, we will always be there to get the job done, guaranteed.

Timely Work
Working in teams, our workers are able to complete large tasks in a timely manner.

On–The-Job Supervision
We provide job coaching and support at no cost to your business. A job coach supervises and works with the team to ensure accurate and thorough completion of each project or task.

Free Training
Our job coaches quickly learn assigned tasks and train Goodwill workers at no cost to you.

Worry-Free Payroll
The workers are on our payroll. Goodwill will bill you monthly for services. If you prefer, arrangements can be made to place the workers on your payroll as direct hires.

Productivity-based Pay
You pay only for the outcome.

Dedicated, Enthusiastic Workers Come In Two Varieties
We've refined our programs to better serve the businesses we work with. To help you choose the workers that fit you best, we offer two types of placements:

  • Direct Placement offers Goodwill workers whose skill level and prior work history has demonstrated they're capable of working with minimal assistance.
  • Supported Employment offers additional support and training to workers who need it. Goodwill provides 100% on-the-job supervision of these employees. When you choose supported employees, we give you the option of placing them on your payroll or ours.

Tax Benefits
Along with the satisfaction of giving back to the community, your business may also earn a tax credit through the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This credit could amount to 25–40% of the wages you pay our workers.

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